The Special Brownie Post

I’m going to switch things up a bit and do something new in this post.  A little experiment if you will.  Not too long ago we (my husband and I) took a train ride to Amsterdam and returned home with some space (pot) brownies.  Having spent the last 20+ years being a single mom and responsible adult extraordinaire, I have finally decided to start loosening up a bit and having some well deserved fun.  This is a part of that.  #dontjudgeme #imdoingthislegally

So I’m sitting here about to ingest said brownie and in about an hour or two once it’s hit me, I’m going to attempt to blog about my experience.  The first obstacle is going to be trying to get my mind to form a sentence at all.  The next obstacle is going to be making myself pick up my laptop because gravity.  But my biggest issue historically is that I can’t stop laughing.  Laughter doesn’t take up much space/words (lol) so this may be a very, very short post.

Okay, brownie down.  Now I’m just going to add title, tags, etc. so that I don’t have to worry about any of that once I’m in my special place, because I do plan on posting this before I go to bed tonight.  That’s a part of the excitement.  Waking up and wondering what in the hell I posted.  Reputation be damned.

This is going to be fun.

Okay.  I’ll check back in a little later.

. . .

CGI.  I’m watching TV and it’s actual people but they look like CGI.  Very animate-ish.  So to recap – real human actors, but they look like an animation.

One actor was talking about some really gruesome serious things and it was suddenly very funny for no reason and I’m currently judging and laughing at myself.

The sate sauce leftover from dinner suddenly looked inviting.  It’s all gone now.  And I have no idea what is going on in the show I’m watching.  I mean, I see the people and the talking and the scenes, but I couldn’t tell you what’s happened in the last ten minutes.  But my god is everything so serious in this show.  Everything coming out of their mouths is at intense levels of life and dance (<– I meant death, but this was so poetic in its own right that I left it).  So DRAMATIC! O.O

It’s Game of Thrones by the way.

But tonight it is the animated version of it.  lol  Okay I know that’s not funny to you, but I laughed pretty hard.

Man I am hungry, hungry hippo.  That was hilarious too.  But seriously (this is also turning out to be funny) I am hungry.  Gonna check out the good ole’ kitchen and see whatsa happening.  And rewind  for the umpteenth time because I have no idea what they’re talking about.

I’m just l a u g h i n g.  For noooo fucking reason.

I’m trying to see the author through the characters in the show.

Daaamn.  They just took out a whole fleet of ships with two arrows.  Oh and the ship of wildfire.  Green fire has created some yellow fire.  Now it’s the war of the fires.  Agggghhhhh!  Oh god, back to the super serious conversations.  Jesus the queen has some issues she needs to work through.

Ah, they’ve lightened the conversation a bit with talk of gut strangling and rape.

Man that cocoa I had about ten minutes ago was good.  Stuff is still on fire.  This is all very funny.

You have to remember you have biscuits in the oven Jenn.  Don’t ruin this for me.

Ate biscuits.  Another cup of cocoa.  Hodor.  Stop.  Brownie time. Ohhh oh oooh oh ooh ooooooh oh.

Omg I forgot I was blogging.  I’ve moved on to chips after having some cottage cheese and a piece of chocolate.

The characters on the show, I was imagining they were people in the real world and how that would look if people in our world behaved as dramatically as them and now I can’t unsee it and it’s hilarious.  Like they’re taking themselves so seriously and overly exuberant in their expression.  They way they talk to each other is like they’re throwing out pitches at a bumper sticker marketing meeting.  All trying to sum up whole truths of life in a clever two sentence quip, each trying to one up the other.  Each being more clever than the last until the episodes into an erupting climax by the end of the episode.

I feel like every scene is just a different tape running in the collective pain.  We play out the pains over and over in an effort to get at the pain so we can heal it.  Because it’s been a really long time since I’ve heard  . . . whoa the characters just got super CGI again, jesus . . . anyways it’s been a really long time – omg that’s disgusting.  Severed horse parts looking like hamburger meat, is that really necessary.  So a new conversation.  It’s been awhile since I’ve truly heard a unique conversation.  Just variations on the same basic setup or OMG I accidentally glanced up at a previous sentence I wrote and it cracked me up and I can’t stop laughing.

New conversation.  Do you know what I mean?  Like a whole new dynamic or way of handling things.  It’s not often that someone thinks of a new way to respond to a situation that’s only be responded to in like one of two ways or whatever.

Oh man another sob story.  Oh what I’ve seen and you have no idea and if only you knew and omg I’m telling you victim victim martyr martyr wronged wronged wronged.  Pitiful wrongly abused sketchy sketchy sketchy.

You know this would be all more believable if they were popping antacids every few minutes because how the hell are they not stressed 24/7 with all of the nonstop nonsense they are all up to?  Oh I mean besides the nonstop boob-age going on.  Boobs boobs boobs, full frontal full frontal full frontal.  Are you serious, did they just refer to a prostitute as a ‘spear handler’?!

I do like the little guy though.  What’s the politically correct way to refer to his stature?  The horizontally challenged?  lol, omg.  That was terrible.  Courtesy of the 1990s.

Omg they drink so much wine it’s making me want wine and I think wine is the last thing I need right now.  But I am thirsty.  Or ik heb dorst as a Dutch person may say.

Horse chase scene in the forest.  I feel like I’ve seen this before.  Omg and the mud in the show, amiright?  All I can think of is how much work the laundry would be there and cleaning floors with no vacuums?  Uck, gross.  Campfire in the forest at night.  How many times have I seen that scene?  Super CGI again.  I mean it’s pretty good looking CGI except *just* not good enough to be completely convincing, ya know?

Power play power play power play, power change power change oh gross.  Ah well, I guess he still has his other hand.  (barf)

I am so thirsty.  Ok, that was some nice water.  Hey you know, like how oh no you probably don’t, but like earlier it felt like gravity suddenly got stronger.  Like the air in the room is pushing me into the couch.  It’s not unpleasant.  Oh they are so unsanitary.  How first world did that sound of me?  But I mean the injuries they get in this show and they’re always covered in muck and poor sanitation.  How have they not all died from infections?

Oh everrrrybody has a backstory don’t they?  Wait what is going on?

Ugh, the forest again.  It’s like, get a new climate.  I’m digging the whole ‘iron price’ and ‘gold price’ concept going on.  So what are they all doing it for?  I guess the throne, but like there’s not a one of them who are at peace or happy in life.  Every one of them is living a shit life, so what do they aspire to?  Why am I watching this?

Their lives are exhausting.  When do they take vacations from their own bullshit? (Oh wow Jenn, you’re fun to have around.)

Ik heb dorst.  Ik heb dorst.  Ik heb dorst.

Omg I am so tired.  The night is durk and full of turrers.  Haha.  Zzzzzzz