Our Many Different Ways

Whether it’s trust in life, trust in others, or trust in self . . . most of us will experiences issues with trust at one point or another in our lives.

There are examples of it everywhere.  Even logging into my wordpress account this morning, a banner showed asking me to visit my settings page to make sure I enable a feature in order to make my account more secure.  Because you can’t *trust* that something undesirable won’t happen.

Here are some examples from my personal life of how my own trust issues disguise themselves:

  • When someone I love is having trouble, and I cross a line inside of myself from being someone who is listening to them and supporting their choices and their path independent of my own feelings, to feeling personally responsible for helping or fixing their problem.  What I’m really doing, is telling them that I don’t trust that they can figure it out on there own.  It may stem from their own distrust in themselves, it may come from my own distrust in myself . . . but whatever way you want to look at it . . . the source of the issue in these situations for myself, comes from a lack of trust.
  • Whenever I try to explain what I’m saying from every perspective imaginative, not from a place of wanting to show the many different ways of seeing something, but because I don’t want to be misunderstood . . . I’m showing a lack of trust.  I am not trusting that people will understand me.  I’m not trusting that people will give me the benefit of the doubt.  I’m not trusting that they will ask me for clarity.  I’m not trusting that it will be okay even if someone does misunderstand me.
  • Anytime I become too scared to say what I’m really feeling or wanting, because I don’t trust that the person will respond to me in a fair and understanding manner.  Or really, because a person has the right to respond in whatever manner they want, I don’t trust that I’ll know how to handle it if they don’t respond to me in a fair and understanding manner.  I don’t trust that the person will give me an opportunity to talk it out between us before assuming the worst of me and shutting me out.

These are just a few examples.  As creative beings, we have come up with endless different ways to show the same feeling from person to person.

In what creative ways have you learned how to express distrust in your life?

Maybe being too trustful

Maybe being too trustful