Hey Baby, What’s Your Flicker Rate?

That I Am That I Am Not

That is what I had going through my head when I woke up two minutes ago.  I was also thinking of a propulsion system.  (As I wake up more, I’m going to wonder WTF that even means, but right now it still makes sense to me.)

I also was seeing:

binary code 0. . . 1. . . 0. . .1. . .0. . .1. . .

off. . . on. . . off. . . on. . . off. . . on

In. . . Out. . .In. . . Out. . . In. . .Out

Feminine (In breath) , Masculine (Out breath)

That I Am That I Am Not That I Am That I Am Not

This is not the first time this week that I’ve woken up with this concept trying to make  itself known to me.   It’s something to do with how things exist or how existence moves forward. . . how time happens?  (Trying to puzzle this out as I type.)

Back to the propulsion system.  I was seeing something that makes me think of a steam engine and a train.  I actually know nothing about either of these (except that I find trains to be fun to ride).  But that’s what I saw, and with the “I am not”, 0, Off, In, Feminine. . . I saw a piston (is that what it’s called?) go in or down.  With the “I am”, 1, On, Out, Masculine . . . I saw the piston go up or out.    It started off slow and repeated.  Each time, I could see it pick up steam and the train would start to move forward.

A feeling of this being the simplistic basis for . . . all that is.  Creation, evolution, the golden ratio.  It’s like we flicker. . . and that flickering is what allows us to exist.  What drives us on. . .forward?

Did you know that light is not constant?  I can’t speak to whether this is the case for Divine Light. . . I’m talking about light as we know it here.  It’s not constantly on.  It just flickers so fast, that we think it’s on all of the time.

Just like the old-fashioned movie reels and a projector.  It’s just a whole bunch of still pictures.  But run them through a projector with a light, and the still pictures become a moving scene.

My maternal grandfather, who was an engineer, was the one who told me about this.  It rocked my whole understanding of existence.  I immediately wanted to know what was going on with us when the lights were off (no matter how short amount of time that was).  Did we just blank out?  Does existence just cease when we’re in the off position?  And why didn’t they teach this shit in schools?!?!  I would’ve been more interested in paying attention.

Okay. . . propulsion system keeps coming back to mind.  I am seeing how this back and forth between the on and off is what makes things happen or exist. . . but there is still an abstract concept it’s trying to tell me that I’m just not quite grasping.

Oh, now I just saw the off or dark part of the cycle is the unconscious/subconscious.  It’s when we forget or are asleep.  While we are eternal Souls and cannot actually be harmed. . . we can go into forgetfulness, which is as close to death as we can experience.  When we’re in the light part of the cycle, we are in consciousness. . . we remember or are “awake”.

When the flicker between the two is really slow. . .we’re not very conscious or aware.  We’re “in the dark”.  We don’t or can’t remember much about the true existence of reality.  As the flicker begins to pick up pace. . . we start to become capable of remembering and retaining more of the light part. . . because the space between the two begins to lessen.

Until you reach a state of flicker that is so rapid, you no longer forget at all.  LOL – OMG. . . that is what is happening when a person is becoming en*light*ened!  (Lighten up already!)  They are able to remain conscious or awake because their flicker rate is going fast enough.  They no longer forget who they are. . . they remain in the “I Am” state.

Holy shitsnacks!

Everything is just vibration and frequency.  On and Off at various degrees of intervals.  If it’s flickering super ass slow. . . it seems more dark than light.  The light is there but it’s dim.  It’s unconsciousness/sub-consciousness, forgetfulness, etc.  It’s considered the “lower” (but really just slower) vibrations (what we refer to as evil).  The faster something flickers between those two states, it seems more light than dark.  It’s considered the higher (but really is just faster) vibrations (what we refer to as good).  It’s conscious awareness. . . remembering or retaining memory of who you really are!


Maybe I should rename this site “Show Me Your Insanely Fast 0 1 0 1 0 1”.

Wow.  All that and it’s only 7:30 am.

Flickering like a mother fucker.  = )