The Hum of Life

I got caught up in thinking I have to do or be one thing or the other.

Maybe one day I’ll look back on the sum of my life and find that I had been exactly what I wanted all along.

Not because I set out to be any one thing . . . but because I was being what was asked of me in any given moment by mother nature herself.

There is an ongoing Hum of Life that supplies you with everything you need.

I can feel it in my heart, I can sense it with my mind, and it reverberates with my soul.

It soothes and reassures you like a mother would.

It will listen to all of your troubles with an open heart . . . embrace you with warmth while you cry it out . . . and then truthfully let you know that everything is going to be alright.

If you try to hold or control the flow . . . it becomes illusive.

It is not something meant to be owned or possessed.

It is a gift meant to be respected and honored.

It must be allowed continuous flow . . . or it will become stagnant and old.  If held against its will, it takes on a poisonous form.

Let it run free and it will gladly give you everything you need.  Try to capture or control it, and it will take from you everything you want.

It is not you that tells the Hum of Life how to be.  It is the Hum of Life that tells you simply what is.