Blog Awards

Okay . . . so for the moment this page is looking a little lonely.  But at heart I’m an optimist.  Besides, even if this is the only one I ever receive, that’s more than enough for me!

Update: OMG!  Two!  Two blog award nominations ah ah ah (<– Sesame Street-like)


  1. You’ve been Nominated! Follow the link here:


    • AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! OMG! {faints}

      I was in the middle of actively looking for blogs that I could pass on my last nomination to when I saw this one pop up. At which point I went into overload, and then my internet crashed. Maybe they’re related . . . maybe they’re not. : )

      Thank you so much, Kim. This means a lot to me. It’s giving me the needed kick in the pants to keep pushing through my fear of self expression and being noticed. (I’m seriously having to breathe through this.)

      And now I also have an additional reason to quadruple my efforts in finding other awesome blogs, as well as continuing to add to my own. Nothing like a little peer pressure to keep momentum going. 😀 Thanks a million!


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