• – My favorite online astrology resource.  It has a really good chart tool you can use for free, articles on astrology, current transits, reports to buy, etc.  It’s a remarkable resource site.

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My Natal Chart – So you can see what’s ticking under all this crazy.

Jenn's Natal Chart

Jenn’s Natal Chart

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Astrology Blogs – These are sites I’ve mentioned in posts or that I just like.  🙂


  1. Ah, fellow Gemini! I’m June 3 (1957 so i have a few years on you!)

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  2. Hi Jenn, I’m truly grateful I’ve found your blog. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE the pluto op ascendant aspect and you decribe it so well. I’m seeing someone who has this aspect (he has it in the 6H in Virgo, pretty close to the 7H) but the situation is reverse: he’s divorcing and we can’t be out there right now, plus he has 2 children. Since I don’t know where this relationship is going and he’s secretive about me I’m not telling anyone I’m seeing him (he is friend of my boss and everybody at work knows him) nor giving all of me…that’s my Capricorn Venus talking. So I’m wondering if this aspect could also express like this. Thank you for your blog and sorry for my english. Hugs


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