Leadership Fail

I’ve more or less been quiet about the politics because I’m struggling to properly verbalize my feelings about it, especially since it doesn’t really match what my friends and family are saying, and it’s harder for me than I think people realize, to speak differently from what my friends and family think.

While we may all have our differences (which I believe a majority of it has more to do with misunderstandings within ourselves and with each other than any true differences between us), I feel that the bigger issue at hand is coming to terms with the understanding of how our government and leadership has long since failed us and our country.

They are not behaving as true leaders should.  True leaders empower and unite the people.  They’ve done nothing but divide and seed hate between us.  True leaders have impeccable integrity and take responsibility for all failures that happen under their guidance, whether it is truly their fault or not and then take the necessary steps to make it right again.  All I see from our leadership is blaming, manipulating, excuses, distorting the truth, etc.  True leaders serve the people, not themselves and each other.  I see our leadership serving the rich and the corporations.

Parents are leaders in a way.  Can you imagine parents telling their kids that the reason they don’t have as much is because kids from other houses are coming over and taking their things?  What kind of relationship do you think those kids would have with the neighbor kids?  They would probably grow to dislike or even hate those neighbor kids.  And is it even true, or is it laziness and mismanagement on the parent’s part?  The parents (leaders) set the mood for the household (country).

Many citizens, whether they realize it or not, look to our leadership to help understand the world they live in.  Not everybody is intelligent and that shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of.  Do you understand how hard it is to not be razor sharp intelligent in this world?  It’s like an unforgivable sin.  But the reality is that some of us aren’t that smart and look to our leaders and elders as role models, very much in the way that children look to their parents to understand things.

So is our country really full of hate for immigrants and other races?  Or is it more to do with how our leadership and government deals with issues?  Are the people playing out the shadow side of the leadership?  Are they being made the scapegoat for the things our government is mismanaging?

While I have so much more to say, I’m going to leave it here for now because I can hardly take any more talk about politics myself.  I just wanted to put it out there for what it’s worth, that maybe there’s more to it than who a person supported or voted for.  I honestly don’t like seeing Trump supporters being beaten over the head or talked down to any more than I like seeing minorities becoming scared in their own country.

Our leadership has failed us, but I feel that maybe if we could stop and really hear each other out, that we would ultimately discover that we all really want the same things.  Not everyone is good at communicating what they feel.  Sometimes what is said is not really what was meant, and it takes a skilled listener to get at what someone really means.  Maybe in this way we could take steps on our own to try to reunite our country ourselves.  I feel this may be the only real option we have at this stage in the game.



  1. It’s a complicated matter, I believe… I fully agree with what you’re saying. But then I guess I can also understand why people who feel powerless react the way they do. Personally, as a woman, I’m none too pleased with Trump for the way he treats women. That being said, I’ve never felt really powerless as a woman, always got plenty of opportunities. Not all women do and for some I can understand a man like Trump coming to power causes lots of fear.
    Same thing for people of colour, though I can’t even begin to relate there: I’ve never had to struggle with that kind of prejudice.

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    • I understand why people are afraid, I’m more or less addressing it from a higher level above the individual sides in order to try and see core or root issues, because if those can be seen and addressed, then it filters through and addresses all of the problems that it causes.

      But to address the fears that is resulting from it; there are a lot of assumptions and misunderstandings on all levels, both people misunderstanding where their own true fear stem from and misunderstanding others. A minor example might be a person from Texas who says they hate Mexicans. But why do they hate Mexicans? If you were to get at the root or core you might end up finding out that they have come to hate them because they have been told their whole life that the Mexicans come across the border and steal all their jobs, making them scared that they won’t have enough to provide for their family.

      So *really*, it’s not that they hate Mexicans (or any differing scenario involving women, gays, etc.), but they have a fear of not being a good provider. Good leadership (or teacher, parent, etc.) would have helped them understand themselves better or how to ask questions, how to listen, etc. before laying blame on some obscure group. Or even how to better approach the situation, even if it *was* true that Mexican immigrants were taking a lot of jobs, but working more towards a win/win situation instead of an us vs them scenario. Good leadership would have recognized this in the huge groups of people and taken steps to address it properly.


  2. From the perspective of world/energetic change……this is precisely where we should be. Our “leaders” are those we’ve been taught to look to for guidance/change and the truth is…WE are who we’re waiting for. The people will drive this change and in the midst of it our old systems (like this one ^^^^^, will continue to unravel).

    It doesn’t mean any of its “a ok” or no big deal….OR not unsettling and down right scary sometimes. For me, it means I continue to “step up”, envision the world we are wanting to create, speak out for justice when called and keep on anchoring love/intent in every moment I can. Its a bumpy time…and its no surprise.


    • I am feeling like what I was trying to say got missed or lost, making it hard for me to understand your response. It seems like you’re seeing a world where leadership outside of ourselves doesn’t exist or is no longer needed, is that what you mean? And when you say ‘we are who we’re waiting for’ . . . who do you mean? Is ‘we’ everyone? If we means everyone, then what about current leaders and also the individuals who aren’t yet developed enough in their growth (spiritually, intellectually, physically, etc.) and still rely a good deal on outer authority? To help clarify my question, would you take kindergarten children and force them into college level classes before they’re ready?

      I feel there is always more to learn and to grow and so there will always be students and teachers, meaning there will always be a hierarchy of sorts, and therefore leaders and followers (but maybe it’s easier to see it as student/teacher relations vs leader/followers which seems to have taken on a very negative connotation which only strengthens my point). When I say leadership has failed, I mean that hierarchy is currently what is broken and the bigger, more core issue. I understand that transition and change is rough and bumpy, but to a more severe degree than necessary when it’s due to something that is broken or out of alignment with natural order.


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