The Super Fun Path of Breaking and Healing

Just to give some context for this writing, it was one of those situations where I woke up with the thoughts and feelings of it already in progress. Typically I keep a great many of these things to myself (because who wants to hear all of the chatter going through my head at any given moment?), but this was coming through so strong and much clearer than my thoughts have been of late, that I felt compelled to write it down and to share it.

While it did come out all at once, I would like to add that I have spent a great deal of time in testing on myself the effects of my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with how it manifests in my physical body and health.  I can see very clearly from those personal experiences how the accumulation of my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs directly affect the body regardless of where all of those things stem from (personal, family, society, paranormal).

And no, you don’t have control over what others think, feel, and believe (nor should you) and it’s unrealistic to say that we’re never influenced by anything outside of ourselves . . . but it’s good to know that you have control over what you do and do not allow into yourself (via thoughts, feelings, beliefs) and you also have control over which of those things you choose to nurture, feed, and grow with the life and energy you’ve been given for this life of yours.

Not that it is easy to gain control of those things in you . . . but it’s been very helpful in my journey to learn that it is even an option.

So the below writing is, I suppose, a condensed form summary that’s resulted from some of what I’ve been learning from these observations within myself.

Also, I’d like to add that the language and vocabulary that gets used anytime I *download* like this, is that of the subconscious trying to put symbols into words.  In the past I’ve tried to translate it more into normal language (and maybe make it less intense) and I think I’ve been successful to some degree, but it’s too exhausting and ultimately it inhibits and muddles the flow and clarity of the information.  So now I’m trying to learn how to just get out of my own way and let it come out however it wants to. 🙂

. . .

Excessive (subconscious to a large degree) worry, mixed with inaction (too much idleness) and/or loneliness, so not pushing the life force down through the center core and using the life force to do things and bring into life the things a person wants or desires in life, it then retreats upward towards the head (because of fear, worry, what-ifs), leaves a disconnect between the head and lower chakras (making it feel impossible to *do* anything because without the life force pushing through the core down through all of the chakras, especially the root chakra, a person cannot feel safe or secure or confident enough to take action and instead freezes in fear) AND . . . all of that active energy in the head (mental energy of worry and concern) causes swelling because of Aries/Mars heat, or inflammation.  The inflammation of any of the mucous membrane cuts off the ability to see with spiritual eyes.  Things become foggy and confusing, unclear.

It’s important to not be too idle or too busy for any length of time.  Any excess of one creates an excess of the other in order to rebalance.  You want to do enough to keep your life force moving all the way through you, but not so much that you can’t stop or relax or stay sensitive to what is going on around you, which means staying *open* to receiving outside stimuli without fear of being hurt or overwhelmed (not so much resistance or a need to stop, change, or control the things around you in an attempt to lower the amount of stimulus around you).

Which is easier to do when you have faith in something bigger than yourself (e.g. God, divinity) and can relax into life more knowing that you don’t have to think of how to do every little detail on your own, but just to be open and aware enough to allow divinity to show you what detail does need to be taken care of next and in the moment based on what feels good to you and that you are naturally drawn to (provided you don’t fight it or resist it based on prejudice, ego opinion, conditioning, etc.)

But again, if the tissues in the head are swollen, then you are cut off from that guidance and it’s next to impossible to know what you should be doing.  In that case you can become cut off from life and stray further and further from your path.  To return, you have to work hard just in getting back in balance with yourself, which requires walking that direction completely blind because in that state you are not able to receive validation or confirmation from spirit that yes you are going in the right direction or no you are straying further.  The only thing you have for guidance at that point is your physical body because it reflects your state based on choices you’ve made, but it’s a delayed response because it vibrates slower than spirit, so you can’t always connect the choices you’ve made to the effects it causes in your body.

Also, questioning what you think or believe at the most fundamental level because it affects the body’s health and alignment to divinity.  As soon as you move or push beyond a limited belief, that part of your body that is pinched or blocked will start to find relief.  It means paying attention to what your body is sensing in the moment. If you start to feel worse all of a sudden, connect to whatever the thought was as that was happening, that is your clue pointing to a mistaken belief or thought you are carrying that is limiting you.  The trick is to not get lost in the opposite extreme, but to see rather that they are both sides of the same coin and to overcome it you must transcend it by letting both sides go while also accepting them (allowing them to both exist simultaneously).  This is how you reconcile duality within yourself and find your way back home.


  1. This gave me an “aha!” moment, so thanks. When you talk about “translating into more normal language” it made me realize that’s what people have meant when they’ve said “you don’t need to talk like that”. It always further upset me as I was using my vocabulary to express what I was thinking while under stress, I gather it was seen as “talking above” the other person, ‘showing off’. Yes, it is almost impossibly difficult/exhausting to express complex ideas & translate them into a limited vocabulary at the same time. That’s probably why I am so much more comfortable writing, I am allowed the time to get down the basic idea then edit it for the understanding of my audience.
    As to the restricted energy flow & it’s effects, that makes sense out of what’s going on for me, gives me another perspective to help work thru current challenges. Thanks for this post.

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  2. Jennifer, just checking on you, I haven’t seen any new posts in a few months. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Hope you will be back soon!!

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  3. This is quite good!


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