Great Changes Taking Place

So this is a video that I actually uploaded on May 5 that I never posted here.  I had put a timer on for some food I was cooking and also so that I had a set time in which to speak.  This was following the video I did regarding the Nepal Earthquake and there was something I had brought up in that video that I had wanted to expand upon.

I go more into what I meant when I say that we’re thinking too small regarding the challenges we’re currently facing on Earth.  How all of the things escalating are related and interconnected and not just isolated events, from the rise in health issues, violence, war, gmo foods, animal deaths, natural events, etc.

I have so much information in me and I haven’t quite pulled it all together in a cohesive way, and is kind of what is happening on the fly in these videos.  Eventually I’ll have the information more buttoned up and not quite so scattered, but I figure I have to start somewhere. 🙂

The pressure is on everything, both the Earth and Humanity and we’re being pressed into crises mode.  I don’t speak about this in the video, but you start to see what people are really made of when put under a pressure cooker like this.  There are those who are screaming and pointing and blaming everything outside of themselves, and there are those who have gone quiet and gone inward trying to resolve the issues within themselves.

It is my feeling that those who chose to go inward to fix what is wrong in themselves first, are the ones who will begin to rise and become the new leaders of tomorrow, who will know how to truly deal with the challenges we are facing.  Ones who have integrity and strength of character to do what truly needs to happen from a centered and balanced place, instead of being thrown all over the place by ego and immaturity.

It’s no longer becoming acceptable to say that the reason we do things like we do is “because that’s how it’s always been done”.  In times of great upheaval and change, it requires that we question everything we thought we knew and understood about life, and it requires that we change too.  Change is easier when everyone can recognize it for what it is and start pulling together and cooperate as a family, instead of acting like selfish and spoiled little children.

Mother Nature does not give a fuck about how fair you think it is or not.  You don’t talk back to the Momma.



  1. Cherry Blossom Pink says:

    Sounds like what you’re talking about is along the lines of the Taoist rainmaker. If you haven’t heard the story, you can read it here:

    And when it comes to centeredness (becoming in Tao in the story’s language) each person has to do it for himself; it has to be free-will voluntary. A person stopping because he’s been told to will not have the desired effect. If he’s only following orders, he won’t be able to bring rain, metaphorically, because he’s not ready to do so.


    • I have not read it, but I look forward to it. Something in me got excited about it when reading your comment, like this is welcomed or needed information for me. Thanks!


      • Cherry Blossom Pink says:

        If you haven’t yet read it, it’s about how events that seem to have nothing to do with one another are connected, because everything is connected. And we can’t help but influence (and be influenced by) all that surrounds us, no matter how far removed we are. Turmoil creates turmoil and calm manifests calm.

        Your blog talked about how the people who went off on their own to look inside will become the new leaders. And that describes what the rainmaker did. He had to isolate from the chaos that surrounded him in the afflicted province, in order to create the conditions, within himself, for nature, outside, to function as needed. And thus, rain came.


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