Continuing To Conquer My Creative Fears

Does she mean conquering her fears of creativity or does she mean that her fears are creative?  The world may never know.  Alright, here’s another vlog (does that sound Dracula-ish?)


  1. wow Je,
    i completely loved this video . you started off in a lil low tone a lil enthusiasm was missing . and as i kept watching i found u were amazing
    you talked about overcoming fears, being creative which was so so amazing .
    you are absolutely right when you said when people who are introvert start sharing something in public like blogging, youtube and all its never gonna be easy initailly . but since they have taken a step ahead to overcome their fear i think it will definitely boost their confidence as they have come .

    i have been doing sketch noting , visual thinking and what i found is that u have come up with something similar and thats a good start actually

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    • 🙂 Thanks – I definitely started off with low enthusiasm. I was still pushing past discouragement from having lost over 30 minutes of video. I was thinking about it later though, and it’s because of the disappointment and frustration of having lost all that video that something in me relaxed a lot more in the 2nd video. For all I knew I was doing it all again for nothing and so I felt less self conscious about myself when I was more in the mindset of ‘nobody’s going to see it anyways so it doesn’t matter how it comes out’. That was a good lesson for me. I was able to actually enjoy what I was doing instead of being focused trying not to be afraid.

      What got you started in doing sketch noting? Was it just to do something fun, or was it to learn something or what?

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      • Umn I have a specific blog written on it. It’s titled sketch noting.well we all know a picture is worth 1000 words and our mind remembers most of the thing when it visualizes something in pictures than in words.. I initially started taking meeting notes that way. I also want to say something besides this. I always like ur blogs u know

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