The Hand of My Inner Child

This is so beautiful I had to share. Blogger emergingfromthedarknight has been on a long journey to finding her true self and in this post I felt her make contact with that part of her. Seeing someone find and make contact with who they really are, for me, is by far the most beautiful thing imaginable. I feel so happy for you emergingfromthedarknight! You have me crying buckets. ❤

Emerging From The Dark Night


The inner child in us never stops longing for sweetness, for connection, for joy, for passion for a deeply vibrant life.

I probably can’t speak for everyone but in my own life and especially more recently after a period of tapping into my young self’s longing for attention, understanding, love, empathy comfort and support and grieving all the ways in which it was absent in the course of my growing up I have become aware that that child and her longing lives on in me, has lived on in my throughout all the years of my addiction and recovery.

Just a moment ago I had a powerful experience of seeing my inner child in my mind’s eye.  In my imagination I took her little hand in mine and started to cry and I had a powerful realisation of how far she has had to travel on this long journey of…

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