True To Form Is Our Guiding Star Home

I really needed that temper tantrum.  I needed to feel my fire once again.  Fire is a purifier.  It challenges.  It tests.  Trial by fire.

I then know where and how I’ve gone astray from my Self by what is hurting and burning in me in the aftermath.  It allows me the opportunity to become aware of it and face it, because only what is false will hurt and burn.

It makes it easier for me to see what is True and what’s okay to let go of.  I remember that I have nothing to truly be afraid of because what is Real and True cannot be destroyed or harmed ever.

Beyond this physical realm, beyond what our physical eyes can see, resides the True Form of everything you can see here (and even things that are not here . . . yet).  The more we’re in alignment with it, the more visible and real it becomes to us.  The more out of alignment we are with it, the more distant it becomes.

The longer we go out of alignment with it, the harder it becomes to believe in it’s existence.  It becomes stories passed down through time.  Stuff of myth and legend.  Fairytales.

The less we believe as individuals, the less we start to believe as a whole and the more disconnected and out of balance with nature we become.

All pain, hurt, suffering, diseases, and sickness stems from being out of alignment with our True Forms.

It comes from believing more in what is Not True than in the True Forms.

These True Forms, when struck or expressed, hum out in a single unique vibration.  It is the signature or “name” for that being.  It is how all other beings know it separately from all other beings.

At this level, the energetic signature that it vibrates and hums and expresses in unlimited ways, is not subjective.  It is recognized as it actually is by all, and not skewed by false perceptions.  There is nothing that anyone can say or do that will stop or change the True Forms from being what they are.  Nothing.

Not even our disbelief in them.  All that happens when we stop believing in them, is that we forget them.  (Not the other way around.)  We increase the distance between where we are and where we want to go.  We are all in various degrees of remembering and forgetting these True Forms.

That is where my allegiance is.  That is where I aim my Sagittarius Arrow and shoot towards.

When I become aware of parts of my True Form while in my current life, it is a non-negotiable, non-debatable part of me.  While yes, many people here may have any number of opinions about what they personally think about those parts of me, unless it matches the Truth of my True Form, their opinions and/or feelings are wrong.

Your Truth is universally recognized by all other Truths.  It is not a case of you are in Your Truth, but George over there in His Truth looks over at Your Truth and says, “Nah.”

My loved ones tend to scuba dive in their False Forms.  They can become so disconnected from their True Forms, they forget that their current False Form isn’t who they really are.  They become so filled with fear they close down and cut off or turn away from their connection to their Soul.  When you become anxiety-ridden and afraid, you tense your body immensely and it doesn’t allow the flow of energy from spirit to move through you and to nourish you.

We all do this at some point and to some degree.  But some choose to actively work through it (or healing), and some choose to call it home and live in it their whole life.

When you are closed down like this, you are not in touch with your own true feelings.  It’s not possible.  You have to be open and receptive with warmth and trust in life in order to feel your own true feelings.  You have to do a lot of digging and soul searching with brutal honesty and endless forgiveness of yourself and others as you move through your pain.  There has to be a softness and compassion and understanding for not just yourself but others outside of you as well.  A wider perspective of life and your places in it.

Being emotional, including crying, does not mean that you are in touch with your own true feelings.  Many things are habitual or conditioned learning.  We all carry the burdens and sins of our ancestors with us that we have to break through to get beyond them and reach our own true feelings.  So many things that we think are our feelings, are False Forms.  They are not from our True Forms, and that causes us pain and sorrow in life for as long as we insist on believing them to be True.

Some people mistake their thoughts and opinions as being feelings.  They live in their heads and are completely out of touch with their bodies and believe their own thoughts about feelings to be their actual feelings.  This can often times stem from trauma and trying to flee or escape their bodies and can’t quite get all of the way out through the crown chakra and so they stay in the head area near the doorway so they can flee at a moments notice when things get too real.

However, what happens is that they’re never present (full of fire) within themselves and their physical body doesn’t trust them to be there for it when it needs them and so it goes into a perpetual ‘fight or flight or freeze’ stance and becomes anxiety ridden amongst many other health issues.  If they can learn to not be so scared of life and actually start to allow their presence into the rest of their body, relax and move out of a place of fear, they would find that it’s much, much more comfy and warm and anxiety free.  But my point being, those thoughts about thoughts are not their own true feelings.

Fear is a pretty motivated force.  It can blow things way out of proportion.  It absolutely blinds you and seems to work against you in seeing your own True Form.  It also likes to pretend that it’s not there.  It shows itself in other ways such as always being on guard, being defensive, being too quiet and small and never raising your voice, aggression, illness, laziness, apathy . . . on and on I could go.  I think the most damaging thing about Fear, is how it makes you believe that it is absolutely True.  And that is a Lie.  That is the Great Deception that we have all fallen for.

When you are standing in your True Form it is easier to recognize when others are standing in their True Form and when they’re not.  When you are not standing in your own Truth, it’s much harder to know the difference.

It takes great strength and courage to stand in your Truth by yourself, especially around those you love.  I so easily want to cave in on myself and go along with their Non-Truth just so that I don’t have to be alone, but I always pay a high price for it and it’s not worth it anymore.

So my recent post was to establish for myself that I do get to stay in that place of love.  That I have the strength and will to stand alone in my love for myself and them even if they have forgotten themselves.  I don’t have to listen to their Fear or Falseness or let it influence me.  I don’t even have to let them into my life.  I don’t have to go through life feeling guilty or ashamed for being a terrible daughter or mother when there’s nothing more I can do about it on my end.  In that I get a choice.



  1. Just a civil reminder that I reserve the right to decide what comments are allowed on my site, and I will not tolerate anymore disrespect, rudeness, or unkindness towards me or anyone else here. I do my utmost to always speak from an open heart, and even though I don’t succeed 100% of the time, never do I speak from a place of intentional ill will or intent.

    Even if a person chooses to see me otherwise, I don’t mind as long as they are respectful and open-minded. While readers are free to come and go as they wish, for me this is my home. This is my safe place, my sanctuary. And just like in my real home, if someone is behaving in a disrespectful and abusive way towards me, whether they understand that they are or not, they will have to leave.

    Because although I do not have control over how someone else chooses to behave or respond, I do have the right to not have to put up with it or be around it.


    • Given the way you dumped on me in our earlier exchange, the above comment is a hoot.

      But thanks for making it clear that you read mine. I don’t mind that you chose not to post it; it wasn’t meant for anyone else’s eyes. Perhaps someday, you’ll be ready to take it in. And in case it’s not clear, when I say “take it in,” that goes beyond a mere reading of the words.

      I still wish you well.

      My work here is done.


      • I didn’t actually read your last couple of posts because I only had to skim the first few sentences to see that they didn’t have a place here.

        None of your comments have anything to do with me. They stem from a hurt inside of you that you are trying to make me responsible for instead of taking care of and healing that wound for yourself.

        If you had approached the hurt that was evoked in you when you read my post, as being your own and then choosing to share it as your own, then I feel we could have discussed it openly together as friends. Such as, “This hurt my feelings when reading this because I was told similar things when I was younger and this is why it hurts my feelings.” That is more open and inviting. It gives me an opportunity to further explain where I was coming from, what I meant. It gives you the opportunity to share hurt feelings that maybe you weren’t allowed to have or express when you were younger. It provides a safe space for both people to openly share hurt or wounded things in them and to set them free, to let them be seen and released.

        I share things in my post like I’m talking by myself, because I’m not actually engaged in conversation with any one person. I’m not able to relate and/or think of an infinite amount of scenarios in which any human out there might mistake or misunderstand what I was saying and clarify it for everyone else. All I can do is just talk or speak out loud, and let others be responsible for what feelings it evokes in them, and let others choose to engage in a one on one conversation with me or not.

        Once a person comments, it then becomes a conversation or discussion and then I can relate it on a more personal level with the person I’m talking to. Relate it to their own personal story. Maybe they came from a very peaceful home and my words came across scary. I know what I was feeling at that time and that I wasn’t in a scary, angry, hateful place, that I was in a loving & passionate place, full of life . . . but in this more open discussion I can see how it could appear to be scary to someone who doesn’t have a lot of fire in themselves or in their life.

        Then I can say what I was really experiencing and feeling. They can in turn say what they were really experiencing and feeling. In that open, non-defensive conversation, I can better understand how or why some people may shrink away from me when I get all fired up and be more understanding, open, and aware of it. Maybe be more aware of not being sooo intense, let more of my underline feeling of joy shine through to better illustrate where I really am in my feelings.

        Maybe they can then better understand that not all people that get roared up in RAWR are angry. That there are other expressions and meanings to that same outward expression. That you can’t assume that it’s someone in an angry place because that’s not always the case. So then maybe next time they experience it, if they were genuine and open in the conversation, maybe they will move faster out of fear and more into a place of curiosity. Like, hey . . . I guess this isn’t so bad. I guess it’s not always as scary as I thought. And then that person is a little less scared of something in life and a little bit more open.

        This is how I operate. It takes all people involved to be open and willing in order for the magic and healing to take place. I’m always willing on my end, but more often than not, the others in my life are not. You have not displayed that willingness whatsoever. That’s for you to sort out then. I can’t do anything about it, but it does not mean that I get to be your whipping boy. Just because I’m open and understanding and loving, doesn’t mean I have to allow myself to get beat up and bullied by someone closed down in their own hurt and pain, and who absolutely refuses to stop even for a moment to see what kind of chaos they are wreaking on others by refusing to deal with the pain and hurt in themselves.

        I know you are hurt. I know you’re not perfect. I know how hard it is to say out loud, “I hurt. This hurts.” It’s a very vulnerable feeling and it takes someone that you really trust to be able to be that vulnerable and some people never have that person in their life, and so sometimes you have to do it for yourself. I don’t expect you to trust me, because it’s very clear that many others have hurt you before. But do you even trust yourself? Are you able to even admit in yourself that you hurt, that you have been hurt? Are you able to cry for that heart part of you and hold it, and love it like it needed when it first happened?

        If you can’t do it for yourself, then no amount of trying to hold other people responsible for your pain is going to make you feel better or make you feel okay in life. You have to be there for yourself before you can be there for another person.


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