Take Your Soul Back And Love Again

There exists a black smoke cloud entity invisible to the human eye.  It is able to move in and out of humans at will.  It has an intelligence.

We’re all aware of it at some level, but choose to repress it because it scares us.

It doesn’t have any actual power.  It doesn’t have any creative force or life giving energy of its own.  It’s able to mimic and learn, but not create something new all on its own.

However, it is able to convince you to use your creative energy to get done what it wants.  All it has to do, is play upon your weakness.  It finds your weakness and convinces you that your fears are real and true.  That’s all it needs to do.  That’s all it is able to do . . . is convince you that your fears are true.

Because as soon as a human believes something to be true . . . they use their own creative force and energy to bring it about.  And so it’s nearly as effective as the black smoke cloud entity having its own creative power.

I’m not using metaphors, btw.  This black smoke cloud entity is very real.  It is the actual source of fear.

It’s able to cloak itself . . . mimic you well enough . . . that it’s nearly impossible to distinguish it from your own thoughts.  It’s subtle enough to not set off any alarms that it’s coming from an outside source.

As long as you believe your fears to be true, you become trapped in a jail cell of your own making.  You get stuck in an energetic web of your own creative energy.

The greatest “power” this black smoke cloud entity has, is in its invisibility.  As long as nobody is aware of it, it is able to move through undetected wreaking havoc and maintaining control.

It especially targets those with lots of life force or creative energy.  The more life force, light, love, creative energy you have . . . the more the black smoke cloud entity wants you for its own purposes.

Some of the brightest beings currently here are paralyzed in fear due to this combination of incredible light and a lack of awareness of the black smoke cloud entity.

You can see where in your life this will show up the most in your natal chart, by looking for where Pluto is located and what he touches.  In those areas of your life, is where the black smoke cloud entity will show up the heaviest and therefore create a fear surrounding that area of your chart.

It can come through your loved ones, yourself, events and circumstances.  Anywhere the black smoke cloud entity can move and is allowed to influence, it can manipulate and use.

The black smoke cloud entity is not invincible, however.

It cannot control you once you become aware of it and refuse to play its game.  It will try to scare the living bejeezers out of you with what looks like very real threats . . . but it cannot actually harm you.

It cannot control you when you swallow your pride and take personal responsibility for yourself.  Even if you have a weak moment and it’s able to get through and start scaring you, take personal responsibility for moving back out of fear.  Take personal responsibility to gain strength and push yourself past the fear and out of the clutches of the black smoke cloud entity.

Belief and faith.  Believe in things really being beautiful and loving.  Have faith that the beautiful and loving things in life are real.  If you allow yourself to be a Pollyanna with your whole open heart despite the ugliness that appears to be happening on the outside of this world . . . the black smoke cloud entity loses its hold on you . . . it loses its power over you.

When you have the courage to believe in love and happiness, and to act as if it is true despite your fear . . . it loses its power over you.

When you refuse to believe the reality it would have you believe, it makes you stronger and the black smoke cloud entity weaker.

You can 100% guarantee that whatever it is you are afraid of, is the influence of this entity.  It’s the battle that wages on inside of all of us.  Who we are versus what this black smoke cloud entity wishes us to believe because while we do . . . it’s in control of this world.

When you stop believing that your fears are real . . . when you truly believe in your heart . . . then the black smoke cloud entity is forced to set you free.


When you can see that the fear and craziness erupting is more to do with this black smoke cloud entity flowing through the masses trying to snag any weaknesses of the heart and exploiting it to hurt the rest of us and weaken our own hearts . . . then you can start to feel more compassion and forgiveness for what we are all going through right now.

Not everything is as it seems.  Just because someone flies off the handle and kills people, doesn’t mean it was the person themselves.  Their only fault is having a moment of weakness in their faith of their heart.  That’s why it is not for us to judge others and condemn them, because we cannot see what battle they are fighting below the surface.

This unseen fight and battle that the black smoke cloud entity insists on being kept a secret . . . hidden.  He wants us to lash out on each other and accuse and blame each other . . . because it creates even more fear and isolation and division between us . . . and it strengthens the black smoke cloud entity.

Not coincidentally, today, transiting Uranus is in exact opposition to my natal Pluto which is conjunct my descendant.  Uranus is about breaking free.  It’s in the sign of Aries . . . the warrior . . . where my rising sign, Venus, Mars, and South Node all reside.  Aries also rules the head.

It’s my 1st house, house of self.  I’ve been facing this black smoke cloud entity head on my entire life.  I’m able to see it and be aware of it and call it out on its own shit.  It has gone through all of my loved ones in my life trying to get at me.

If they have any weakness, flaws, doubts, fears . . . this black smoke cloud entity jumps on it and wreaks havoc both for the individual I love, as well as for me.  This has been happening since the day I was born.

I have gone through periods in my life of being afraid to let anyone into my life, because I knew the black smoke cloud entity would start its shit.  Two different boyfriends actually woke up in the middle of the night, having a very literal black smoke fog over them and trying to choke the life out of them . . . using their fear of course.

It’s been a battle within me to keep my vision clear . . . to understand that it’s not the individual themselves that are hurting me, but this entity.  It’s been a battle within me to keep my vision of myself clear, and to not believe the things that others think and accuse me of based on their fears that are being played upon.  A battle within to keep my strength up even when others start associating the black smoke cloud entity with me . . . because it always seems to come around when they are around me, and start to fear me as if I’m the source.

And it’s been a battle within me to keep forgiving and remembering what is really going on . . . what the truth of the situation of the world is.  To keep persevering.  To not give up my belief in love and my heart.  To have faith that one day, this black smoke cloud entity will be unmasked and everyone will see for themselves the truth and what has been going on.

“Being alone . . . that’s your thing.”

That’s my weakness . . . my wound that is exploited by the black smoke cloud entity.  My pain and my wound of being alone and the fear of continuing to be alone.  That quote is what was said to me in a dream last fall.  The black smoke cloud entity has no mercy.  It has shredded that fear within me over and over.

In the last week, as the opposition between the current transiting Uranus and my natal Pluto has been getting closer, the black smoke cloud entity has been working overtime.

In one dream that became lucid, a dark black shadow being was right on me.  I could feel it with my physical body in my bedroom.  Trying to scare and intimidate me.  It unnerved me a hair . . . but this has been a really long and intense battle between us . . . and I’m really tired of its shit.

And then one morning as I was waking up I got very clearly the message, “You’re a smart girl, back off.”

It was very distinctly a warning.  One that I just couldn’t seem to get rattled about.  There’s a point where you just don’t care anymore.  I’m tired of fighting.  Threaten and scream all you want, but when you’re just bone-soul weary . . . it’s like, “Oh yeah?  Well, fuck you.”

fuck shit up


  1. This is the first time I have ever had anyone put to words what I have discovered. I get mad, I got involved with a friend and I could hear in his voice the difference between him and the “thing” . . . . it was almost as scripted but honestly it keeps me from doing anything, going anywhere bone tired spiritually doesn’t even begin to explain. I was raped by a guy who claimed he was possessed I kind of almost believed him because I’ve had boyfriends describe other similar experiences, just being embodied to do harm to me. . . there is a great portion of this that was actually them but in that moment this “thing” tipped the balance point. It is impossible to be that aware all the time enough to know when it is there or when it is coming. It affects my job, my housing, my son. . . .all of my relationships and will plague anyone that comes into contact with me either immediately or over time. But it ALWAYS happens. Last night I had a dream that it wasn’t just smoke it was like this person and I was near paralyzed I couldn’t scream, I managed to lift it’s black arm off of me and it felt dry like a piece of chicken left in the oven too long but it was so heavy I couldn’t lift it. I stopped reacting and I stopped caring but quite frankly I would like to at least be able to meet our basic needs. How do I stop it?


  2. Byron Crowell says:

    I have been doing home and business cleansing, as part of my wholistic health practice. I’ve Seen a number of these clouds over the last 5 or 6 years. While they use peoples own fear against themselves, they also manifest along with a number of other entities. Shadow people, as well as a number of earth bound ghosts. (People they controled in life, and continue to control and fed off of in death). In these cases people need to do more than a smudge and a prayer. (such things only work for a few days). The energy of the buildings, need to be raised significantly, and the entities need to be confronted by someone with experience… Only then does the activity stop.


  3. Me and my girlfriend have woken up to a black mass hovering above us while we were trying to sleep. I woke up to it first. The best way I can describe it is that it was very dark, and it looked like it was made up of black rolling clouds/smoke. It almost looked like some kind of new state of matter. Maybe ectoplasm like? Anyways, it was sprawled out over us. I pointed uo at it asking what itwas. It started rolling in on itself moving towards the cieling. It then seemed to go through our air vent on the cieling before dissapearing. Horrifying. I really havent a clue what thr fuck it is. I think its maybe extraterrestial of origin. Alien technology or being? who knows. But we both saw it. Havent seen it for a while.. but weird things happen sometimes. A door has slammed, and a food tray has vibrated out of nowhere. Weird stuff…


  4. Happy Sappy says:

    So glad someone (you) have been able to tell me what it is.
    God Bless you and keep you.


  5. Kaelaryrae Nazare says:

    This article is brilliant. Thank you for writing it. I recently found myself sucked into a kind of lower astral he’ll world where I encountered this humoungous murky shadow being and am in a huge battle for my heart. This being has a an attachment in my heart and I am battling it constantly. It hurts enormously and drains my energy. Reading your article just now completely lifted my spirit and gave me inspiration for hurling this black shadow being back into its place, and getting my heart back! Boy what a battle light beings are in right now for sovereignty and the return of love in earth. I read this from Lisa Renee’s blog and it was uncannily descriptive of the phenomenon and it’s origins. Here is a quote: “As the result of passing through the death implosion of several dark stars that were in our Solar System, there may be an increased sensation of dark forces when transiting out several layers of dark entity gestalts and its related miasmatic residue. These dark entity gestalts are also referred to as Fallen Angelics or Imposter Spirits. Some of the larger Fallen Angelic entities appear as a nebulous black shadow, a sentient black cloud, which is the result of the explosion of a star body. “ -Lisa Renee,


  6. I and my friend had seen it too, it was whirling too, once directly looking at it it made us feel physically sick and was putting thoughts in our heads against each other, we hugged and started thinking about beautiful stuff and we saw how it Turned away, although it doesn’t have face, and went through ceiling… It’s as intelligent as human or even more, very quick witted


  7. It needed you to be afraid. It needs you to have a weakness perhaps an illness or fear, something you can’t shake with just a matter of perception in the moment….Truth is you’re not alone but it will try to make it seem than way because if you resign to that belief you now have a opening in which you yourself created. There is a world that is right along ours, it can’t been seen and very seldom does anything cross over but when it does it’s because of something you did that aligned certain elements that made it possible. It will watch you and there is nothing you can do about that but you can fight. Get a dog. German shepherd, they are smart. Sharing this with others is not such a good idea because they tend to dismiss it only leading to people not wanting to be associated with you calling you crazy . Do you excerise? If not, do so. Box, take karate, learn a discipline that gives you strength and gives you confidence.. meditate..learn to feel what’s around you with your eyes closed without fear. Seeing it on its on terms in its own world will make it run. It will puff up it’s chest and tell you you’re weak and that is how you know you’re not. Whatever it tells you, it’s a lie. When we tell people something over and over it becomes a belief. You are the doorway. You’re fear of being alone is deep and that’s the way in. It will defend it’s opening anyway it can. Being afraid is natural, it is ok. But being afraid and being helpless are 2 totally different things. You can learn to fight and you can close the door. You’re goal here is to be willing to stand toe to toe ready to throw blows in spite of fear. Have the courage to hunt it if need be. Set up cameras around you when you sleep. But get that dog asap. He alert you to it’s presence and will protect you. Give you strength


    • Okay. I’m going to use this comment reply as a kind of update to this post, because the times we are now living in, ain’t nobody got time for this kind of thinking.

      Shadow beings serve a purpose. We are all assigned one and it’s their gd job to poke at our personal weakness and the fear it causes is our own. They are also the first to celebrate when we overcome those fears.

      Some shadow things are from human’s subconscious, both their own and the collective. A kind of karma situation is usually in play.

      I could go into more depth about it except I don’t feel like it. My point here is that really these are calls to grow up and overcome. Not fold into fetal position and live in fear.

      Secondly, it is time to be opening our eyes to actual higher reality, not swim in our delusion. Just because you’ve come to believe something is a certain way or want it to be that way, means it is that way. There is actually an objective reality in which we all have our own way of describing at higher soul level, but are all still referring to.

      It’s the time of the revealing of *that* reality and to align ourselves to that to sooner end any pain and suffering we’ve been living with that comes from living in delusion and fear.

      Don’t come into my house and talk at me like you know me with your nonsense. Get your own affairs in order.


      • Scott Krawec says:

        I don’t know who to contact or who to tell or who to call but I have so much to say and I have so many questions and I have been looking through forums for weeks. I have learned many things and found common trends, experiences and even names for these aspirations but I only delt with grey smoke entities until the smoke clouds started to form the blackest clouds I hace ever seen in my life and to cut a long story short, I focused on these spiraling clouds going in all directions like looking a grey gasoline forming but keeping my conciousness in a relaxed state while keeping my vision focused and bigger entturs were growing out of the corners of my eyes but while I was seeing this my eyes would strain to the point where both eyes would water and since our five senses are locked in this realm everything happens in silence and all you can hear is my body shaking and my jaw droping. I have seen this mist cloudy smoke entitues before and I try to go further and futher each time, this time however I was getting impatient because nothing new was happening that I hadnt already seen….then this thic grey smoke went into my face while my eyes could see somethibg very large forming at the corner and it seems like a cluster fuk of spirits or bodiless ghosts just all over the place and at this point I am breathing heavy and I shit you not it was like there was a mini raincloud thst was forming in my room only in the center the blackest of blacks I had ever seen but my focus was what was in front of my eyes and this grey smoke started to build texture and colors started forming on what looked like to be some sort of brainy tendril and while that was happening this huge dark figure with these bright pink lights started coming down for me and immediately sat up and was paralyzed in fear. I later learned that the spiritual meaning of black smoke is when entities or other outer worldly spirits physically manifest in our world. I also learned that the grey smoke can be dead energy released from us, either way I went to far and I was left with what we call eye floaters afterwards that wont seem to leave me alone.


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