The Great Mother Is On The Rise

While reading a book this weekend, I came across a single sentence that completely blew my mind and I’ll never see things the same again.  It simply stated that “virgin” had originally meant an independent woman.


Excuse.Me?  Could you repeat that?  I must have misheard you, because I KNOW you didn’t just flip some 2,000 year old bullshit upside down on its head in that one sentence.

I didn’t know whether to cry in celebration or be INFURIATED.

I have never had so much discordant information in my head suddenly click into place from something so simple.

Doing a search online, I found in numerous places a quote from a book that further elaborated on that concept called The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth, by Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor.  Brace yourselves:

“Ancient moon priestesses were called virgins.  ‘Virgin’ meant not married, not belonging to a man – a woman who was ‘one-in-herself.’  The very word derives from a Latin root meaning strength, force, skill; and was later applied to men: virle.  Ishtar, Diana, Astarte, Isis were all called virgin, which did not refer to sexual chastity, but sexual independence.  And all great culture heroes of the past…, mythic or historic, were said to be born of virgin mothers: Marduk, Gilgamesh, Buddha, Osiris, Dionysus, Genghis Khan, Jesus – they were all affirmed as sons of the Great Mother, of the Original One, their worldly power deriving from her.  When the Hebrews used the word, and in the original Aramatic, it meant ‘maiden’ or ‘young woman’, with no connotations to sexual chastity.  But later Christian translators could not conceive of the ‘Virgin Mary’ as a woman of independent sexuality, needless to say; they distorted the meaning into sexually pure, chaste, never touched.  When Joan of Arc, with her witch coven associations, was called La Pucelle-‘the Maiden,’ ‘the Virgin’ – the word retained some of its original pagan sense of a strong and independent woman. The Moon Goddess was worshipped in orgiastic rites, being the divinity of matriarchal women free to take as many lovers as they choose. Women could ‘surrender’ themselves to the Goddess by making love to a stranger in her temple.”

The bold is mine, and I also corrected some punctuation, etc.  I don’t have a copy of the book myself so I can’t confirm whether the mistakes were originally in the book or not, but they were bugging the hell out of me.  So feel free to look up the fricked up version elsewhere on the internet.

When I read this . . . there is an intense response from something deep and ancient within me that feels Absolutely.  Furious.

And when I say furious, I mean FURY.  I mean WRATH of GOD FURY.

Everything that is Me.

Everything that I am.

All of the things that make me who I am inside . . . has been twisted and turned . . . manipulated and repressed through history to become something that is culturally unacceptable . . . and so as a result, I have been shown or told in one form or another since birth, that I should be ashamed of myself.  That who I am is wrong.  That who I am is evil.

And I don’t just mean people shunned me . . . I mean I was told straight to my face, even as a little girl, on many occasions . . . with such hate and venom in their eyes and voice . . . that I.was.pure.evil.

I was called whore.  Bitch.  Heartless.  Selfish.

Those judgments were based on the premise that a “good” woman is chaste, sexless, helpless, fragile, weak, delicate, mute, and completely dependent on the mercy and graciousness of the man in charge of her care.  The root of these ideas were based on the image we are fed regarding Jesus’ mother.  The Virgin Mother.  Virgin having come to mean a subdued, passive woman who is only pure because she didn’t have sex!!

The REAL Mother . . . has been raped and stripped of her TRUE identity.  Of her REAL power.  And the part of women who identify with this lost part of The Mother, have been made to feel shameful and evil.  Have been forced to feel less than they are.  Forced to submit and suffer.

I’ve never seen myself as a feminist.  I still don’t, because this goes FAR beyond feminism for me.  A Great Wrong has been done to the Great Mother.  A.  Very. Very.  Great Wrong.

It might be more forgivable . . . if it hadn’t been methodically and purposely done.

In the blog The Queen of Heaven, there are many great posts in there regarding the different goddess figures . . . but there is a multi-post series regarding Asherah.  The Lost Bride of Yahweh.  Ever wonder why God didn’t have a wife?  Seems kind of fucking weird and suspicious to me that God is a single dad, who expects his children to have functional marriages even though he’s not able to model for them how that’s supposed to look.  Truth be told . . . he did have a wife.

From Asherah, Part I: The lost bride of Yahweh

The archaelogical record suggests that Asherah was the Mother Goddess of Israel, the Wife of God, according to William Dever, who has unearthed many clues to her identity. She was worshiped, apparently throughout the time Israel stood as a nation.  In many homes, images like the one above decorated household shrines.

So . . . where is she, God?  Did your marriage not work out because you’re such a great guy?  Or is there something else going on?  Maybe you’re not really the God you’ve tried to convince everyone that you are.

Perhaps . . . you’ve fooled the whole world?

Just as it was prophesized the Devil would do?

Asherah’s image was lost to us not by chance, but by deliberate action of fundamentalist monotheists.  First Her images were torn down, then Her stories were rewritten, then Her name was forgotten.  In fact, Her name appears 40 times in modern translations of the Bible, but not at all in the first English translation, the King James Bible.  Since no one knew who Asherah was anymore in the 17th century when the King James Version (KJV) was being created, Her name was translated as groves of trees or trees or images in groves, without understanding that those trees and groves of trees represented a mother goddess.

However . . .

When archaeologists unearthed a treasure trove of Canaanite stories and other writings in Ugarit, in modern day Syria, they discovered that the mysterious “Asherah” was not an object, but a Goddess: the mother goddess of the Canaanites. When archaeologists discovered Her in Israel as well, a whole new picture of early Hebrew religion began to emerge.  The argument is straightforward: 1. Asherah was a known Canaanite Goddess, the Mother Goddess and wife of the Father God.

But we’re not done:

In Exodus, we are told that God warned the people to get rid of Asherah’s emblems when they conquered the land of Canaan; in the periods of the books of the Judges and the Kings, we are told that the “good” prophets, kings and reformers continually had to burn and smash the idols of Asherah; finally, in Jeremiah, we are told that worship of Asherah has resulted in the fanatical monotheistic God’s decision to wipe out Israel and Judah (the southern portion of the formerly united kingdom) via the invasion of outside peoples.  The thing is, we are told most of these things by a single author, or group of authors: the Deuteronomist.  This is a character (or possibly group of characters) writing and rewriting portions of the Bible in later days, around the 7th century BC, either just before or during the exile of the Jews to Babylon. According to the Deuteronomist, the priest Hilkiah claims in 2 Kings, chapter 22, to have “discovered” the ancient laws of Moses during temple renovations.  These writings, “The Book of the Law” were mysteriously mislaid leading Israel to get its religion all wrong, apparently.

The works of the Deuteronomist conveyed a story that the Israelites had a covenant with Yahweh to worship him and only him. He claimed the Israelites had taken Canaan by force through a holy war in which they massacred the original inhabitants, putting to death (by God’s command) men, women and children in Jericho.  (This claim is not supported by the archaelogical record.) And he claimed that God was a jealous God, one who demanded to be worshiped alone and who would punish the unfaithful by bringing other nations to conquer them if they worshiped others.

Was this really the religion of Israel? Apparently not.  The common folk kept right on putting up their Asherahs in the woods and the temple and the little votive Asherahs in their home shrines.  Only after Israel was conquered and the people of Judah returned from exile in Babylon did the fundamentalist fanatics with their violent, patriarchal, monotheistic God win the argument. The Deuteronomist’s work, along with the works of two other primary authors, the Yahwist and the Elohist, were compiled by a fourth source, called the Priestly source, to become the Bible we have today.

Well . . . well . . . well.  WTF do we have going on here?

Because I can’t trust the information that was allowed to be passed onto us, because history is always written by the victor . . . I am only able to trust what I feel inside.  And based on the Absolute Fury I feel when I read all of this, I’m going to trust that feeling and say that there is truth to all of this.

The suppression of the Divine Feminine was done deliberately.  It was done by force.

Ever wonder why all the unrest in the Middle East and why everyone keeps getting involved?  Every wonder why there have been holy wars going on for millennia?  Ever wonder why there has been such suppression in knowledge and information?  Burning of libraries in ancient times?  Why so much goddamn effort has been put into mystery schools and secret societies to try and pass on some sort of information through the generations?

Well . . . even if not . . . I will tell you why . . . it’s all related.

There HAS been spiritual warfare being waged over the centuries.  They throw up distractions and illusions to confuse the average person.  They separate the issues so that you can’t see that everything . . . every goddamn thing that is happening and has happened in our world . . . stems from the suppression of information of what is REALLY GOING ON.

Do you want to know WHY the emphasis on facts and “proving” shit?  Because it keeps you busy and distracted.  Because it causes you to doubt your own feelings and it causes you to become passive.  It has us believing that if we can’t prove it, then we can’t act.  It leaves us helpless and like victims.  Because they have kept a tight hold on the real information, and have destroyed everything that might give away what is really going on.

Do you want to know WHY mainstream belief is to discount the unseen and the paranormal?  Because that’s the one thing they can’t control, and because the answers we’re seeking are located in those things.  As long as they discount things like energetics, afterlife, psychic phenomenon, etc. they don’t have to worry about us finding out the truth.  That’s why feelings and people being emotional is looked down on.  In the most recent release of psychological disorders . . . emotions are basically considered a mental disorder.

Everything that is dismissed and looked down upon . . . are things connected to the Divine Feminine who was methodically removed from history . . . because you cannot actually kill an Immortal . . . but if you can make everyone forget them . . . they are as good as dead.

Our imbalance on Earth is the result of a deliberate attempt to remove the part of the Divine Feminine from our memories and culture that would cause the current Order to lose their power and hold over us.

Let me make this even more clear.  The current upheaval we’re seeing in our lives is not due to an angry God punishing his sinful children.  It is a Wrathful Mother coming loose from her prison to take out the offending God.  The same one who is trying to make the children believe that they are suffering because of THEIR sins.  No. No.  Hell Fucking NO.  What is going on . . . is because of the SINS of that GOD.

What kind of Mother Fucker tries to make the children own the blame for something he did?  Huh?  What kind of fucked up and twisted mind does that?!?!

The kind that has been in control of the planet.  The warfare has been ongoing at the astral, energetic, and spiritual levels.  It filters through into the physical.  It’s been operating behind the scenes.  That’s why they try to convince you that none of that spiritual shit is real.  That none of the energetic stuff is real.  That this physical world is all that’s real and can be explained with cold hard facts and numbers.  Because that traps you here.  It keeps you from being able to make contact with the other side.  The Real World is there . . . not here.

The God who did all of this, and who has been in control . . . has been recently fighting a losing battle.  Everything he’s built based on lies and deception is in the middle of full collapse.  The Mother is back on the Rise to her rightful place and the doors back home are in the process of being re-opened.

I know how this may sound to some.  I know how hard it may be to swallow or accept.  Process it however you need to.  Accept it or reject it, it does not matter to me.  Only trust your Heart and your feelings.

And there’s no need to be afraid anymore.  The Mother is returning and she will take care of you.  These evils that have been playing out are not yours . . . but the black smoke/fog that has been working invisibly behind the scene.  It’s now a time of learning to forgive ourselves for anything we did, and forgiving others for anything they’ve done . . . to let it all go.  Let it go and disappear into the past.

Do what the Dark Smoke tried to do to The Mother . . . and forget it ever existed.  In an instant . . . he will lose all his power.

Mother of God


  1. Thats awesome, you’ve got it down. It is my mission in life to turn this stuff around.


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