Uranus Has Something He’d Like To Say

unique opportunity has presented itself to me.  I currently have an infrequent transit happening in my natal chart, and I’m really feeling the effects . . . so I want to document what I’m experiencing as it’s happening in the name of astrological studies.  : )

Uranus takes 84.3 years to take one lap around the Sun.  So unless I live to be approx. 120 years old . . . this is the last time I will experience this transit in my current life.

Uranus is currently transiting Aries 9 degrees:

Transiting Uranus currently at 9 degrees 0 minutes 15 seconds (Source: www.astro.com)

Transiting Uranus currently at 9 degrees 0 minutes 15 seconds (Source: http://www.astro.com)

My natal ascendant is Aries 9 degrees 18 minutes:

Transiting Uranus at Aries 9 degrees Crossing the Natal Ascendant.

Transiting Uranus at Aries 9 degrees Crossing the Natal Ascendant.

The actual documenting of me becoming aware of me experiencing this is in the post (and comments section) Remembering My Will To Live.

One of the most noticeable things I’ve noticed for me, is my increasing interest to talk about astrology in my posts.  That feeling started Jan 9, 2013 with my post Wanting To Be A Graceful Swan, Destined To Be A Goofy Dork.

However now as I understand what this new feeling in me is mostly related to, I can remember the post where I felt that first distinct shift beginning to happen in me, and it was in my post The Hum Of Life from December 30th.  Transiting Uranus was at Aries 8 degrees 39 minutes.

If some patient soul were to read my posts from shortly before that post until current . . . I wouldn’t be surprised if the reader experienced (or at least recognized) how I’ve been experiencing the approach of Uranus to my ascendant.  It actually feels to me like someone who was alone and far away from the rest of humanity . . . and started to come closer to where everyone else has been hanging out.  Flashbacks of Sesame Street just came back to me.  ( . . . . Far . . . Near . . .)

That feeling of being far off from everyone else . . .  like I can’t quite connect to the rest of the world as an individual . . . not being of this world . . . that’s how I experience Uranus in the 12th house.

The feeling of coming to the party . . . of being present and being part of a bigger group . . . is how I’m experiencing Uranus moving towards my 1st house of self.

It’s making me experience life in a completely different way.  Right now, it’s kind of intense in my head (ruled by Aries).  It feels like electrical turbulence trying to go through my head . . . or an electrified charge building in intensity.  Last night, I was getting shocked by everything I touched.  Whether it was to unplug an electrical cord or just trying to pet a cat . . . everything my hand came in touch with got zapped.  Uranus rules electricity.

{Note:  Something else started to happen here when I was writing the post.  I slipped into another state of consciousness and was just typing like a madman.  I was aware that I had gone into this state, but I had no desire to stop or go against it so I just let it run its course.}

. . .

I’m having to be even more conscious about staying open and letting everything flow through me vs. trying to stop anything flowing through me and trying to examine it.  I either “open wide” and just let stuff through . . . or start immediately suffering the consequences.  It quite literally feels like I’m trying to open my entire being both energetically and physically, to let something big come through.  Just like when giving birth.  It’s taking the same kind of focus, resources, and discipline as it took when I was in labor with my son.

Which makes sense . . . that’s the doorway you cross when you’re being born . . . from Pisces to Aries.  Aries is the natural ruler of the 1st house and the Ascendant.  Birth.  It’s the moment in time when a woman opens the doorways between *here* and *there* within herself during “labor” to allow the soul to come into this world through a physical body.  Same mechanisms in energy are in play here.

The best thing you can do in labor or whenever you’re in any incredible pain really (emotional or physical), is to surrender to it.  Let go of fighting it.  Let go of resisting it.  When you’re in labor . . . that shit is happening no matter what.  It is pointless to fight it.  But pain scares us.  So when we feel it coming on and we start to get scared, what do we do . . . we tense.  That makes it FAR worse.  Have you ever been in pain, like when you stub a toe (son of a !$%$*&), and decided to open up to the pain?

It’s hard because we instinctively tighten our body against the pain because we’re scared of it.  I promise it makes it worse.  And surrender to the pain, doesn’t mean you numb or ignore it.  That just deadens you to the pain.  No, what I’m talking about, is when the expected tension of pain starts to register . . . go into the pain.  Open up to it and surrender to it the same as you would when you experienced bliss.  If you’re ever able to overcome your instinct to cringe or fight the pain, you will experience something completely different than pain.

I did exactly that with my monthly cramps.  They used to be so bad that no amount of pain pills helped.  It was so intolerable that I was pushed to the point of trying a new way.  It took me about 6 cycles to finally shift it within me.  Each month when it was at its worst, instead of pills, I would go into deep meditation and talk to my body. “Let go . . . stop fighting . . . let go . . . stop fighting . . . it’s okay . . . you’re okay”.  Each month began to ease.  Then one month . . . I felt the muscles in my body start to do their thing . . . and my instinctive response was to “Let go”. . . and my body opened up.  And far from experiencing pain . . . I moved into ecstasy and a connection with the divine.  (Neptune/Moon conjunction).

Women’s mysteries.  We gotz them.  But we can’t access them or our power while we are in fear.  Guess why certain factions want to keep women disempowered and shut down.  Why there’s been a smear campaign against women in history . . . trying to make them feel like they’re less than they are.

It is no longer my belief that a woman’s cycle should be a source of shame.  It is a source of our power.  It should not be painful and something we tolerate.  It is where we renew our connection and ability to bring life and nourishment into the physical plane.  There is nothing more satisfying than connecting to life . . . it is meant to feel good . . . not be painful.

One way for you (if you are a female in your child bearing years) to know whether you are closed or shut down to the source of life and to receiving, is if you experience painful monthly cramps.  Or maybe you are numb or unaware of that process in you completely.

Why is the World so lacking in care, nourishment, and love?  Because Her women have been shut down.  Women bring that into the world for all of us.  Shut them down, disempower them, disrespect them, leave them to fend for themselves, force them against their will, treat them like they’re worthless, fail to protect them from harm . . . and eventually we all pay for it.

We are a world out of balance from what is natural, seeking equilibrium.  It doesn’t mean we have to go back to living in caves or log cabins in order to get back into balance.  But we have to find how to become balanced in the world we are in . . . in a different way than we currently are.

The universe is always seeking equilibrium.  Currently we have moved too far into the energy of the Masculine, Yang energy.  Too much repression of the Feminine, Yin energy.  There is not enough heart, not enough feelings, not enough caring.  What do we do when someone is sensitive?  We make fun of them.  We tell them to man up.  We see it as weak.  As if to be caring and nurturing are weak.

We don’t allow for things to be.  Everything is forced.  Everything is something to be controlled.  Schedules, goals, feelings.  We are raised from a very young age to tune out your natural way of being and flowing through life naturally in a trusting and open way.  Do this now.  Do it this way.  I want my company to make this much money by this day.  We don’t stop and listen to our inner compass to feel what should be happening at any given moment.  We force ourselves against it.  That is too much masculine energy.  That is how we lose the feminine energy of just being . . . of letting things be what they are . . . of letting things be when they need to be.

That is how we’ve become out of balance with nature.

I can still be running a company, making lots of money, and be in balance with my inner nature.  But it means being more in touch with your feelings and inner compass.  It means learning when it’s time to yang and when it’s time to yin.  There’s a time for action . . . and there is a time for just being.  When everyone is in touch with those things in themselves, then they are able to be individuals within a collective and everything run flawlessly because the universe knows what the hell it’s doing despite what we think.

When your focus is strictly on something like making money, or becoming powerful, or becoming famous instead of what should actually be happening in any given moment based on each of our natural flow, then success can become illusive.  Whereas if you had just been present and done what was needed at any given moment (by being present and aware), you would have obtained success effortlessly.

Trying to force an outcome and make things happen how you think they should happen is how you get in your own way.  That is your ego thinking it knows better than the universe how things need to happen in order to reach your goal.

We are so focused on trying to make things be a certain way or for the process to look a certain way, that we become completely blind and deaf to what is actually being asked of us by life.  We’ve moved too far towards our head and too far from our heart.  You need both in harmony and connected in order to function effectively.  Basically the blending of masculine and feminine.  The divine marriage.

Why are so many men becoming so sensitive and effeminate and so many women are becoming more assertive?  Because that is nature’s way of correcting an imbalance.  We’ve become so blind by ourselves, that we sit and argue over whether a male being gay is an evil sin or not . . . instead of seeing that it stems from an imbalance in the masculine over the feminine.  The “sin” is that the interaction between the masculine (patriarchy) and feminine (matriarchy) is so far out of balance that mother nature is having to overcorrect to such obvious degrees.  Condemning the individuals and groups that are the NATURAL result of that imbalance, and who are in fact part of nature’s solution to correct that imbalance is the sin in that scenario.

Who are the most furious and hateful towards homosexuals?  The mindset of a select group of white males.  Who is in power and the most out of balance with the feminine energy?  The same select group of white males.  They are the ones so far out of balance, and yet they condemn the homosexuals who are here to try and counteract the imbalance caused by the select group of white males.  It’s not the homosexuals themselves that they should be afraid of, it’s what they represent.  They are letting those in power know, that their time is coming to an end.  And they have absolutely no say in it.

They don’t want to lose “perceived” control over Earth.  But you do not own a woman like an object.  You do not control a woman against her will.  If you are in power, it’s because she is letting you be in power . . . not because you have conquered her.  Earth is being very merciful and patient . . . trying to give as much warning and time as possible for those out of balance, to change their ways.  If their pride and arrogance refuse to change and bring things back into balance.  Then she will end it.  She will fuck them up to bring the suffering they are causing the many to an end.  Hence the increase in natural disasters.

There is too much focus on the signs of trouble, being the cause for the trouble, instead of seeing that they are simply markers . . . warnings . . . not the things themselves that are causing the trouble.

It’s also a sign to the rest of us who came to help during this time, to stop allowing that shit to continue.  Stop taking it.  Stop pretending like the insane logic that rules our planet is okay or that you’re helpless against it.  You absolutely are not.  If every single one of us who have suffered from this imbalance were to start standing up and gaining self knowledge and clarity and what we know to be true for ourselves and then holding ourselves to our truths . . . then those currently in power and enforcing their will onto us . . . would lose all of their power over Earth.

Question why you do what you do.  Why do you continue to live in suffering?  What could you do different in each moment to break out of that cycle and change how you live life . . . how you experience life.  How we all experience life.


And why do we continue to just do them instead of finding a new way that works better for us . . . that works better for all of us?  Why do we continue to do the same things over and over when they hurt us?  There is always a different way.  There is always a new way.  We never have to settle with “that’s just how things are”.  Ask yourself WHY are they like that.  What’s the reasoning behind it?  Does it still apply?  Is there a new, better way?  Talk about those ideas.  Find the courage to try those ideas no matter how small and insignificant you think they are.

Well then.  If this post is any indication of what’s to come during the time period that Uranus moves across my ascendant and into my 1st house of Self, then the world may need to brace itself for me.


  1. Great post! A wonderful insight into the effects of a transit.

    I love that you have been able to chart the course of it through your posts.

    Welcome to the Uranus in the 1st club – that’s where I have it natally and it trines my Mercury in Aquarius – and it’s creative chaos 😉


    • Hi anupturnedsoul! (cool name)

      Uranus in the 1st, huh? Have you ever read anything from Mark Jones (astrologer)? His stuff popped into my head when reading your comment. I’ve been to several of his lectures and he always blows me away with his insights.

      But anyways, I was just on your site and was reading about your Chiron in the 7th house. We had a remarkable amount of parallels even though my Uranus is in the 7th and my Chiron in the 1st, but it didn’t click until replying to you now.

      Mark Jones talks about “trauma signatures”. He has a list of things that are automatic trauma signatures in everyone’s chart. One of those automatics is Uranus/Aquarius/11th house. The reason being, Uranus is where we are unique . . . different. It’s where we break away from tradition. Because it’s not initially understood by others, it is not something readily accepted about us. It’s almost guaranteed that it will be rejected by others in our childhood and therefore becomes a source of pain.

      How I’ve experienced Uranus, is that it’s this *thing* that is a part of me that I can’t see or understand. I don’t know how to describe it because it’s not something that’s commonly known or understand by humanity yet . . . because that’s a part of my Uranus task . . . to bring that new, different thing into being. So I misunderstand it in myself, other’s misunderstand it and judge it, etc. etc.

      But in seeking to understand it, we find what makes us unique . . . different . . . what it is we’re helping (along with the others in the generation that have Uranus in the same sign as us) to change or break away from globally. With my Uranus in Scorpio, the people of this group are changing up the rules of intimacy. There’s how we’ve been raised to believe things have to be regarding intimacy . . . and then there is what we’re going to show as a different way to do that . . . both shocking and revolutionary. (Can’t wait to see how that all pans out . . . cliffhanger).

      So, I was seeing your Uranus in your first . . . and seeing all of this. That you personify this for your generation. And that you’ve probably had a lifetime of being misunderstood and not readily accepted by . . . well anyone. Especially if you’re dealing with Chiron types, because it is already hard for them to see past their own pain in order to notice anyone else. But then to put a trauma signature planet into your first house . . . well . . . even unwounded types aren’t able to see you for who you really are . . . let alone the wounded ones. Mama mia.

      It’s been left up to you to figure out who you are, and on your own . . . while being yanked on by people who are hurting and wanting your attention. Quite the challenge was setup for you. Just from the little bit of reading I did on your site . . . you are definitely on the winning side of life. You’re doing a great job. 🙂


  2. You go girl… this is just wonderful….
    “The universe is always seeking equilibrium. Currently we have moved too far into the energy of the Masculine, Yang energy. Too much repression of the Feminine, Yin energy. There is not enough heart, not enough feelings, not enough caring. What do we do when someone is sensitive? We make fun of them. We tell them to man up. We see it as weak. As if to be caring and nurturing are weak.”

    How often have we been told “toughen up, you are just TOO sensitive”, as if it were a curse to be alive and to feel. Repression of the feminine built on this planet since the Dark Ages… the Ancients called this the Kali Yuga for a reason… the dark feminine that has been repressed will return and it will ask us to open our hearts to pain in order that we can know the answer is love…

    Have you seen Stephen Frys doco on the current repression and abuse of homosexuals throughout the globe?..It was just on television here in Australia and I’m sorry I cant remember the name of it but think it was called “Coming Out”… it was just a revelation.. I cried at some of the stories.. the violence, the brutality, the abuse. towards these brave souls just trying to express their individuality.. was truly heart breaking…..

    I was just re reading Patricia Evans book on controlling people and she said how they use confabulation to justify abuse and the rigidity of their ideals of black and white thinking which is all coloured by their own deep fear..In this doco he tried to confront some of these people in power making repressive legislation.

    Your blog bought it to mind. I don’t know how to nominate anyone on here for awards as I am new to this but this blog deserves a huge award…..I just love it…


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