The Spirit of Showing True Self

Jay sent this to me this morning, which he saw on Facebook from a beautiful mutual friend of ours, Carmen.  It’s not my usual blogging style to just share a link, because I typically have plenty to say on any subject.

However, this blog post I want to share with you needs nothing further added from me, other than to say that this is a perfect, beautiful example of someone showing who they really are on the outside.  It’s not very long, and it moved me to a place of tears, love, and inspiration in 2.5 seconds.

I’ll leave it at that – and you can take the few minutes you normally would have been reading my novel-length posts to read this one.  You won’t regret it.  : )

So thank you blog, Everyday Grace, for showing and sharing with us who you really are.

She Yelled and Called Me Names

What about you?

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