It’s Going To Be Okay

There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment.  There’s a lot going on in individuals at the moment.

There’s been a sharp increase in the last few weeks of people experiencing their first anxiety attacks.  During this same time period there has been a sharp increase in people having vivid/lucid dreams . . . who normally never remember their dreams at all.

Many of the dreams point towards an event that is coming.

The discussions surrounding the event are typically met with disbelief, fear, relief (bring it!), or an onslaught of bible verses.

I have had lucid dreams pointing towards this time my entire life.  I have also had a lifelong issue with generalized anxiety.  Maybe there’s a correlation.  : )

To those who are experiencing these things for the first time, please know that you’re not alone.  And please know, that it’s going to be okay.

Please know that there are many of us surrounding you in your everyday lives, who have been going through this for some time . . . and we know how to help during this difficult time.

First and foremost . . . b r e a t h e.

When you feel like things are beginning to overwhelm you . . . stop whatever you’re doing . . . close your eyes . . . let everything go . . .  and slow yourself down enough to be able to take at least one full breath all of the way in as deep as you need to in order to feel like it was a deeply satisfying breath.

It may take a few times, but keep trying and slowing down your internal rhythm until you get that one breath in.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to open up to others and talk about what’s bothering you.  You may be surprised to find that others are having the same concerns and fears, and feeling alone in it too.  Anxiety is heightened when you feel alone in your situation.

To those who have already been dealing with these feelings for years . . . I kindly request that you start letting yourselves be known so that others know where to turn for guidance.  This is the time, and this was the reason for you going through all you did ahead of time.  You are greatly needed right now.

Remember how scared you were . . . confused . . . lost . . . alone.  And have mercy on those starting to experience these things.  Be present with them and their fear.  See them.  Let them know it’s okay.  Hug them.

There is one thing I know and see with all of my heart.  And that is, when the moment of truth comes, and we’re all faced with our physical mortality . . . is when we will all truly show ourselves and see each other for the first time.  We will understand and know within our whole being at a depth previously unimagined, how much we truly love each other.  How much we truly love everyone.  How much everyone truly loves us.

And it’s going to be okay.

Warm Colored Sky


  1. wait… what’s happening?


    • Hi Ophelia,

      It’s really hard to say what exactly is going to happen. The dreams seem to center around natural disasters and/or something happening in the skies. Many have reported having deceased loved ones coming to them and telling them that time is running out. But not to be afraid.

      In one of my own dreams I had earlier this year, it was night and I was looking up at the sky and was witnessing something that seemed impossible. In the dream, all of us witnessing these things understood what it meant as if we were remembering something we had forgotten a long time ago. We knew there was nothing we could do about it.

      There was a deep calm among everyone. I was standing next to a man I had never met before, but in that moment I felt nothing but immense love inside of me. Without a word, we both reached for each other’s hand for comfort and then continued looking up at the sky.

      But in that specific dream, I don’t know what it was that happened or what the outcome was. It was just a snippet.


      • okay i just got wind the u.s. government shut downs. my entire town depends on the grand canyon national park for income. the ENTIRE town. tourists stop coming, we don’t eat. already mass cancellations at the local motels. feeling very helpless but can’t do anything about it so will just have to wait and see.


        • O.O Wow. That’s more than enough to induce anxiety. This would be a good opportunity for the individuals in the community to come together for emotional support. You are right that you can’t do anything about the government shutting down . . . but you can still be there for each other. Open dialogue, share stories, help each other to remember to smile. The most creative solutions to problems have happened when groups have come together as a community.


  2. “I kindly request that you start letting yourselves be known so that others know where to turn for guidance.”

    Goosebumps… It’s time <> : )


  3. yes, this is what it is all about


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